I am just playing with posting via email as a photo blog.
Very much based on Share Images By Email to SPLOT Collector by Mr @cogdog

I previously loved posterous for posting via email. Here I own my own.

I mostly blog at John’s World Wide Wall Display

Following Alan’s suggestions, I am using the jetpack post via email and using the Auto Thumbnailer plugin. I’ve also activated the Jetpack Carousel and Image Gallery Carousel.

Alan suggested using:
.post-content img {
display: none;

to avoid having the image appearing twice, I’ve added

.gallery-icon img {
display: block;

.tiled-gallery-item img{
display: block;

So that gallery thumbnails show up.

I’ve also got a couple of ifttt recipes involved.

One posts images from my instagram stream to here. The other posts images from here to flickr.


  1. Bill Smith

    Innovative, but I keep seeing “Image Not Found” placeholders on your Flickr images.

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